Sunday, 25 January 2009

New stories


I know I have some readers out there, I can hear you breathing.

I did one, reasonably, called Scent Of a Man. Just a short snip out of a life. I realize I do a lot of those. So if you missed those there is one for you.

I have been channeling a story for sometime. So I finally got around to writing it down. I have done the first three chapters already. I have set them up to be published every day. I am trying to not throw it all out there at once. But I still am sort of.

I will shamelessly plug it, because I want people to read it.

I hope no-one gets offended by my shameless plugs. if you are, just let me know I will avoid doing it on your blog again.

Life had been so busy that I could not write it before.

It is called Ugly. I want to explain for those who don't know, ugly is a term used down south to mean mean spirited or angry. Often used like this "I don;t mean to be ugly but..." then they will be mean to you.

The last few I have done has been depressing. This will have a range. So don't worry about it being a downer.

Here's some music to hold you over, don't forget us artist types like feedback.