Saturday, 9 May 2009

6 things

I was tagged by Silver Fox.

He wants me to write 6 things about me. HA HA HA my children take up five of them and I am six.

There are six people who live in the older farm house. Once it was brimming with more children. Once it held renters. Back in the 1920's my great grandmother would rent out rooms in this house. It helped pay for food on her table for her many children. She farmed the land with her children, since many of the lots were sold off over time. now what is left is what I have. I still grow vegetable for my children here. The ghosts of the pasts generations of my family haunt these walls. Not in a way I would call ghost hunters after. Egon, put down that plasma stream. No, no ,no. They walk theses halls, live in the rooms, watching over my children.

My grandmother once told me , men come and go. They have in my life. She also told me, rely on yourself, own your own home and car. And I do. She said when men leave, they will not leave you destitute is you listen to my advice. She was right.

Grandmother also told me always to have a garden as fresh food is always the best for your children. In our times of engineering food and where most items have more ingredients than you would ever think or could pronounce, it is never a bad idea to grow your own.

My fondest memories of childhood always included my imagination.

Anglophile all the way. Captain jack can take me anywhere he wants, especially if its a trip in the tardis.

I think that is 6.
I tag, Sparkle, Redbeard, Jesse, Jayne, Lois lane and cake. They , if they wish, should write 6 things about themselves, creatively as they want, mention me in the post and tag 6 more people.

I think I did the rules right.

And now for your reading pleasure, the next installment of UGLY.