Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Eddie Izzard is the bomb

I just got back, went down to Boston town with the mate and saw Eddie Izzard start his new tour.

He was 'the dog's bollocks'.

It was a good mix of college kids and older folks.

Some yelled out "I love you Wayne!"

And he looked down shook his head and said "I told them in Europe you understood irony. Don't prove me wrong!" HA HA HA.

Very funny. I resisted watching the Youtube stuff from his practice runs. I wanted everything to be new. Hopefully he makes a DVD like the last tours and we can rerun it over and over again.

I am still so hyped up on Eddie, I am to wired to sleep. Usually I am tired by now. But the Eddie goodness is like caffeine right into my veins.

One couple had brought their teenage kids. I thought it was great they got into it. I saw people who were grandparent age too. It was nice to see the diversity. There were people of all ages and colours having a great time. It was lovely. It seems so many acts are racial divided, still. That when I see a mixed crowd and mixed age all laughing at there not being a god it is all good.

I think only in a blue state will you get a great applause over saying there is no god. I wonder if he will change that for the red states.

It was a bit of a ride, but well worth it. The place was sold out. And the theater is so small. Meaning the seats are close, and everyone is cramped. It's an old theater. I had seen other acts in old theaters. I was glad this one had air conditioners that came on. Last time I was in an old theatre, it was in the hottest day of August that year, 500 people no air conditioners, because they were too old and you couldn't hear the band if they turned them on. But we forgot all about that and got drunk and sang along to the band. Funny how somethings that normally drive you nuts , can ad to the atmosphere in other occasions, and add to the story.

But if anyone is going to see Eddie this tour, other than saying he was his normal brilliant self, I wont ruin the jokes. It's part of the fun, for it all to be new. But it is worth the buckage to have some hours of laughter.

Lois, if you read this, you got to catch him!

And don't yell out "I love you Wayne!"