Monday, 17 November 2008

The Tree

The night was dark. A darkness that eats in the light the way a broken person eats up all the love around them.

She felt broken. She drank in the night. Her coat was long and wool and dark as the darkness around her. The night is cold. She feels it to her very soul. She wishes she couldn't. But every time the bitter wind whips and freezes off part of her crack self she feels better.

Well better is a relative term. One that in this case means pain make pain not feel so lonely in empty heart.

She sit under the tree in the dark. She wants to be invisible.

She looks around.

'I'm alone in a park in the dark, black night. Isn't this how horror movies start?'

She opens the black case and lifts open the Laptop.

She goes to her my-space page. She reminds her self free wifi in the park.

An old disheveled man walks by.

"Broken heart, dear. It will mend quick enough at your age. You are too good looking to stay that way for long."

She smiles a polite smile. Thinks of a book she read that talked about angels that give you messages from people you never see again.

She writes a poem. An epic poem of pain and love lost and well, pain and more pain. She already forgot the old man.

The poem floats from her heart to her fingers, bypassing her mind.

She hits enter and posts it for the world to see. Her heart all over the zeros and ones of the virtual world. She already had 3 virtual boyfriends. This one was her second real one. She prefer fake ones. 'Sex is better with flesh and blood, though.'

She logs on to Adam and Eve to see what the non-flesh and blood verity offered. She ordered a pink with silver sparkle vibrating penis that reminded her most of his. If his penis was neon pink with sparkles in it size and shape matched, though. She added a few other items guaranteed to satisfy into the cart. She made sure she included items that would work if she meet a nice girl. 'I could switch teams. Girls do it all the time. Clown fish do it, frogs do it, even pregnant men do it, lets do it, lets change sex. La, la ,la.' She hits enter on the final check out button.

She checks her email. Nothing but an ad from a company that the government is bailing out. 'He's not writing. He wont write. Why do I keep looking?' A huge sigh escapes her mouth. She starts to shut the cover down, but hits check mail one more time. Nothing.

"Didn't write, didn't text, didn't IM, didn't call and he's not going to. Not until you have pined enough and started to move on. Then he will call for a hook up, because you will be easy and it will fuck you up. Then he wont call, email. text or IM. It will be his last final revenge for you going on."

Dark shadow in the dark night.

Moves slowly.

"Fuck off." She shouts.

"Why don't you fuck me? I would treat you better."

She stood up and leaned against the tree, old and sturdy.
"No-one knows you better. No-one else have held you when you cried over other men. No-one else would hold your hair as you barfed what was left of your dinner of gross foods. What ever possessed you to want to challenge them to that?"

It moves closer.

"Fuck off."

"No-one knows you better. No-one knows you sing ABBA when you think no-one else is looking. Take a chance on me."

"How did you know where to find me?"

"It was easy. You always come here when your heart brakes. When you cry, when your soul shatters time and time again...

It was where we meet. You puppy just got hit by a car. Then your father hit you for waisting his money on a puppy."

"You don't know me."

"I know you better then you know you know yourself. I am he. I am your soul mate."

"Yeah, how can you be so sure, asshole?"

"Because you always come back to the place we first kissed to comeback to center."

The shadow now moved in closer and faster. Hand cupped her check and lips meet lips.

"I am not 12 anymore." She looked into his eyes, they eyes she looked at for 20 years.

"Neither am I. " He rested his forehead on hers still clutching her check.

"You kiss better."

"So do you."