Monday, 14 April 2008

Dr Who

I grew up watching the good doctor, number 4 was my doctor. When they started the series again I was sceptical. But I enjoyed the edginess, the new doctor grew up a bit, less kiddish, better fx.

My wee ones started watching with me. Of course of Boys love Billy Pipper and Girls love David Tennent.

One of my fav episodes was Blink. Funny enough, not a lot of Doctor in it.

But The wee ones found out the new season start this week on Sci Fi . Everyone in the house was set a fire with excitement.

Tourchwood, is a little beyond most of their abilities to care. I personally LOVE the fact that Capt. Jack is openly bisexual he just loves sex, and he makes all people feel attractive around him. Of course this stuff is above the heads of the wee ones.

But we don't have that many openly homosexual people on t.v. never mind bi sexual. Or very sexual ones, unless you count Showtime or Brovo Or Logo. but regular t.v. made for the masses .

It is a shame really Homosexuals and bisexuals make up X of the population, no mater where you live. And believing they don't because you think it's wrong, doesn't make it any less real. I think that if they had the example where they were heroes, the good guys, real people not paedophiles, etc. Maybe they would ease up on the hatred of what they do not know.

I, for those who care, happen to be heterosexual. Hell I would do Jack, who wouldn't. Ha ha ha.

The showing of people who are diffrent than what is shown on American t.v. Is one of the draws to Dr Who And Tourchwood. And many other Brit shows I watch.

first entry

So I have been reading some blogs here and started one.

Will probably just write about what ever whim comes to mind.