Monday, 26 May 2008

messed up cartoon.

But I like strange things. Collect them all.

Friday, 9 May 2008

the life of the party

Once upon a time....

A long time ago, in no place that resembles here and there.

There is a older woman, a noble woman, a slightly drunk woman,who is too old to care, for she knows she is slightly past the expiration date that is stamped on the inside check of her posterior.

She drinks the good stuff. She has no need for the cheap stuff.

She remarks to a young woman drinking cheap booze at the bar "what is the point dear? It taste like piss and doesn't do the job right. Be a woman of class, drink class out of the glass, than men of class will approach you." she looks at the scruffy thing by the young woman's side. He has all of the attitude but none of the money or experience to back up is cocky airs. "You can do much better, with a face and figure like that."

She goes back to her entourage of good looking gay men and older men who interest lay more in her bank account than her body.

But in her day, in the days of her youth and beauty and firmness of the fleshy parts, she was a catch. She was the one the young men of best breeding wanted for their wedding beds. She outlasted 4 of them. She divorced 2 more. War made her a portfolio. An auto crash made it grow. Alimony, heart attack, and alimony again and one drowned at sea all kept it growing more. She had the brains to keep it to herself and make it blossom from seeds to a fully cultivated garden. She made sure none of the step kids got their share, her share. She made sure grieving mothers, ex wives, sisters and brother all were kept at bay.

In other words, she worked hard for the money. "A whore by any other name is a devoted wife of an older rich man." She said as she laughed at her own wit. The groupies laughed with her, watching her every move.

She could see in their eyes, they wanted to eat her up. Her wit, her experience, her brashness, her tall tales of lovers famous and not, her money if she let them. But they never wanted her fully, but in this moment it matters not.

The expensive liquor flowed into her glass. "The fountain of youth. Doesn't make you younger, but makes you not care."

Dashing young man, perfectly groomed takes her hand and dances her away. Her thought stray, he is lovely, he is hansom, he smells great, and he is defiantly gay. Oh, yes, he is Franklin's latest conquest. This one better last more than a week. He dances divinely.

At this age. In this circle. Only the men are picking up young lovers. But she is ever so glad they share them with her, she has made peace with it. Besides she always has a dance partner.

He dances her over to a young couple so in love, she could puke in her purse. The young man leaves to retrieve more from the bar. She says to the young woman "love is intoxicating, but the hangover is a bitch". The young woman just looks in her empty glass wondering if she can drink the last drop. "Trust me I have drunk from that glass too many times." She smiles at her young man one last time.

" Take me home, Franklin's new fling," she whispers in his ear. As the waltz towards the door while the young woman thinks "I hope I can get beautiful me when I am her age." She has yet to developed her ability to detect the third sex.

Walking up the steps to her brown stone, stumbling feet never fall with a young man by your side. A flat full of old memories drinks her in as if it was a house plant neglected for weeks. She is a physical piece of this place. It knows her best of all. She doesn't have to hide from herself within its walls. She is where she belongs.

The young man, looks around, stares at the wall of men. Some are photos and some paintings of all her men. Some are older than others. Some are Stauncher than others. And one looks at her, as if he never wants to stop looking at her even when time has gone by and both are on the other side of middle age. The young man takes the photo off the wall.

And waits with a smile for her to reappear from her dressing chamber.

Unceremoniously she returns, make up washed away, wig on it's mannequin, without undergarments that holds everything in a place they used to be and pink fuzzy bathrobe wrapped around her, slightly tattered.

The young man looks up from the photo and still smiles at her, as if she was still as young as the photo. " Grandpa was really in love with you, Grandma."

She smiles "Put that photo back, you can have it when I am dead. I already wrote your name on the back."

He looks at the back, sees his name, deposits the photo of the young couple back on the wall .

"Now give us a kiss on the cheek and get back to Fredrick before rumors start." she said lifting her very thin eyebrow.

Monday, 5 May 2008

for Sparkle Plenty

Sparkle talks about the squirrels.

I was at a traveling zoo today with the wee ones. The younger wee ones loved it, the older ones did too, though they complained the whole time, as teens will.

Well there were squirrel monkeys. I thought of Sparkle. I only had my phone with me so the photos are not what they could be.

The older ones did the Eddie Izzard act about squirrels and make up and leavening the gas on.

In case you don't know it, here it is.

Hopefully I figure out how to get the photos in here.

Friday, 2 May 2008


O.k. I found some vid from the peanut gallery for Eddie's show.

So if you are going and don't want to ruin the show, DON'T LOOK~~!!!!!

But if you wish you could have gone, here's some video from several shows, some pre tour, but it was in the show. So have fun.

Next post Boobie goodness. This Post Eddie Goodness!

This was part of the ark bit. I notice it changed from the show I saw.

This was a pre Stripped show. I think it might have been RI.