Saturday, 19 April 2008

Dr Who, Tourchwood

Well, my weekend has it's highs.

Watch the new Dr Who last night, the Christmas special. Tonight is the season's end of Tourchwood.

I never actually watched the movie Titanic, Even though I know a lot of the lines in Dr, Who were from the movie. I think I am one of only a few women in America who has not. Leo does nothing for me. I knew how it ended. I knew it would be depressing. So I never watched it.

But the scene where the are crossing the bridge reminded me of one of the Star Wars movies instead.

The youngest of the wee ones were upset so many people died. Including the "pretty lady".

Tourchwood should be fun. Jacks vengeful ex time pirate lover coming back for revenge. We get to see more about Jack's past. I always like that. He has so much of it.