Sunday, 27 April 2008

Christopher Walken

I was watching Eddie do an imitation of Walken doing Shakespeare when I realized how funny Walken is.

I had seen this movie "romance and cigarettes" some time ago and found the clip on youtube. VERY odd movie. Eddie in it in a bit part. But I really loved his song dance 1950-60's shirt and love spat and the whole West Side story theme.

"It was my first love, I traced her name in cow shit, she was my first, my last my everything."

This has got to be one of those memorable lines. The line I must use sometime.

BTW the whole move is very odd. Not your average musical. So if you think it will be funny or uplifting, as musicals usually are, it's not. But I think worth watching anyway.

trying for girly Frock

I went out trying to get a girly frock.

Instead I ended up with gardening equipment, plants, seeds, all helped picked out by the wee ones with some gummy worms to boot.
And got my self working on the tilling the soil by hand, cutting hedges, preparing new flowerbeds, planting new flowers I have never tried before, in colours the youngest one liked.

It was fun having the wee ones picking out their favourite vegetables to grow. Maybe they will eat them now. The youngest got so existed over the planting of tomatoes that they ate all my tomatoes in the fridge for my salads. When questioned, they said "but Mommy, You are going to grow more." As if tomorrow I will have more tomatoes. Silly how time is not real when you are 4.

So instead of girly, I was Mommy. Not quite the same.

Tomorrow, after the morning of planting things we bought today, I will do something girly.

First I will get into my Xena outfit, get my round killing thing and hunt down Mr. Death from the village, steal his frock and make Weevils bow to my presence.

That or something as equally girly.

I must admit I do miss watching Captain Jack. If Tourchwood was still on, family fun day at the grain and seed, general gardening and hunting and farming type country store might not have taken up so much of my time. Blah. I do like my little down time with a good story.

I did catch Lost this week. Is getting more intense. Always fun. But they actually pronounced Iraq correctly. I was surprised. They are usually off with Siheed's character in so many ways. This must mean they are doing more research in to Iraqi people. This is good. For the most part I think they did well with the characters. The Koreans are played by Koreans who speak Korean. I love how evil Ben is.

Other; I miss Eli Stone. But I was glad they didn't leave him in the coma or worse yet had his brother pull the plug, and we wonder if he could make it out in time, with George Micheals' help.

I wonder what the pitch for that show was. "Hi, I have a t.v. show idea. It goes like this, Ali McBeal with a guy, but we explain right off that he has a brain aneurysm which makes him see and hear things no-one else does. But that's not all, we make him believe he is a profit from god because a Chinese acupuncturist told him so. Oh and to make sure it's never dull, 1 we will have flashbacks with his dad who had the same thing, but didn't know it." And ABC said. "sure make about 8 episodes or so and we will see. It will run if that writers strike ever happens." Great big smiles and snickering after the pitchman leaves. Several months later and all ABC have is reruns and reality shows. Ring Ring" Hello, did you make those episodes of the show you wanted us to run, we have space for a quirky show now, since we have no more episodes of "Pushing Daisies", and it seems America likes quirky again. "

Luckily for me, both Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone will be on next season. So good things came out of the writer's strike, somethings they would have never really gave a shot to, they did. Which means quirky me, got a little more fun in her life.

You would have thought the physical labor of tilling soil and general gardening would have tired me out sooner. Maybe the pain kept me up. My back has spent many months without the labor of gardening and is not used to it. But I am glad to actually get out and work in the soil again. It definitely keeps you healthier.