Thursday, 18 December 2008

You tube shoe commentary

I interrupt our normal Christmas festivities to bring you semi current events.

For those keeping track of the personal life: the wee ones and I are all safe, tree fell through mini van and electrical stuff didn't happen until yesterday morning. We tried to build a fire but the metal bit was broken. After we got the smoke out of the house I thought of the new title of my blog and the Robert Frost poem it came from and laughed. Mental note: Rename Blog 'Happy Fun Time After I Win the Lottery'.

On the bright side, the wee ones and I got to meet many of our town folk in the shelter. A fun adventure was had by all. The old ladies taught us some new card games and won all the money and M&Ms we had. I think they were hustling us now. DAMN sneaky old ladies will get you every time. I could swear Betty White was among them.

We are all very lucky, many people still don't have power in town and in the surrounding towns.

For the people who live in the North East part of the USA I give you Gogol... So human how was your black out? Don't forget to keep making merry!

You tube shoe commentary

I am Santa Clause