Saturday, 26 April 2008

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty...

You know I always saw the cute blankets and pillows and clothes but I never saw the show. The show that has been around since, forever.

My wee ones loved the hello kitty things, dolls, clothes, blankets and pillows. So I rented the Hello Kitty DVD. I have now been trying to ignore it for 5 days now.

My littlest wee one, watch it over and over and over again. And this is what wee ones do. I have been through this before. But not with DVDs that have a female voice that is driving me crazy!

She is talking down to the children. In real simple words. This is undoing all the trips to the art museums and documentaries on ancient cultures I have been for feeding them.

I fear the intelligence level of my poor child is plummeting.

But as the child is singing the song over and over and over, perfectly, she comes over and sees Eddie Izzard and giggles over and over again and says "he's so silly!"

I realized things three things:

1. maybe this is a guilty pleasure of her childhood. And if you are going to to watch something made for 4 year olds, you should be 4. Just as long as a 4 year old can still enjoy Eddie with Legos.

2. This child can sing. maybe I should teach the rest how to play instruments and start a family band an exploit them to buy a big house in the big house people place. Wait things would get too much like the riches if I did that. I could pretend to be a lawyer. Oh never mind. Still could be a stage mom, not like Britney Spears' mom, but more like Beyonce's mom.

3. Hello Kitty and friends were a LOT more cute and fun when I never saw the show.

I wonder how soon before I can bring it back so that I don't traumatize the wee one in the process? Maybe I could say the Weevils stole it. Wah HA HA.

Lois and Cake's talk of Weevil Proms and Frisky Frocks has made me think it is time to get a little more girly myself.