Thursday, 23 October 2008

Scary Monsters

For those who read this blog, hopefully you have seen a seasonal theme going on with my last two stories. I may have a few more horror and supernatural ones in me. Remember creative people like feedback even if it is criticism of one's work. You can leave it on the appropriate post.

So for now I am phoning in with a David Bowie live song. I used to love this back when I was a kid. It kind of goes with the first of the seasonal stories I wrote. There is a bonus of Fashion with Scary Monsters. Seriously, those who follow fashion to the extreme scare me. You know the Paris Hilton crowd. I'd rather be the fashion maker. I wonder when this leather corset is going to come back in vogue? I can't believe my boss keeps buying the line "It's warm and the cold weather's here". I think he is afraid to ask about the breastplate. HEE HEE.

I will try to write or put up something seasonal everyday until the great candy holiday is over. In other words, I will be too busy scraping the wee ones off the ceiling from their sugar high.