Friday, 26 September 2008

Dance Party

Since Lois is having some downtime right now I thought I would put some music up.

Everyone get your go-go boots, peace medallions, boas, colourful clothing, paisley and flowers, were you hair wild and free and let's all watch Emily Play.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Birthday CAKE for Sparkle!

Well, it's our friend Eddie Izzard... cake or death. As done by a wonderful new female talent.

My oldest daughter showed me this, I thought the young lady was delightful. What goes better with birthday wishes than old cake we have all seen before with different icing. Hey birthday cake is birthday cake unless it's Eddiefide!

I realized the clip was gone, sorry. Funny kid, check her out!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Photohunter~ Wild

Wild is the theme this week. I am posting this late on Monday so people can read The Barker story. Remember clicky clicky for bigger picture. Also remember check out my earlier posts if you like stories or funny you tub videos I have a verity of things here. Always, comment if you like. I am fine with people commenting on the post they like, not the last post.

Wild, my life is pretty wild with my wee ones so this was an easy week, full of lots of photos. Seriously I did cut back on the amount I wanted to put on. Realize I have a lot more that could go in this category when you think I put 5 too many in.

Sex can also be romantic as damselflies demonstrate. Now if I could make a heart shape while copulating it would be cool.

Think think think.......

Never tell a tiger to "bite me".

I love wild weather! It's been a great year from wild weather in New England this year.

The kitties don't like ABBA. They got all upset. They were really yelling at me and my wee ones.
I never saw one like this before, it reminded me of tiger's eye.

Bird with the catch of the day. It was here earlier.
Kitties like playing.

They are going for the 69. A position discovered in 1969. Very popular in the movies and magazines. You need to see Everything's Illumated to get that refrance. Redbeard has probably seen it, being a Googol fan.

Here we come, walking down the street...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Dance party old style

Since I impressed the hell out of someone I thought of this song.

Funny enough, the tag lines wont let me write HELL. It keeps turing it into Hello Kitty. Scary Monsters!

But that made me think of this song.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tech Support

To almost end my week of funny videos I have found on Youtube. Or maybe things my wee ones showed me. I give you tech support via puppys and other cute critters.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Rainy days on weekend tend to bring me down.

It is a rainy gloomy weekend.

We had glorious plans.

Plans included sun and summer like activities, while it was still hot enough.

But damn you weather!!

~ Shakes fists twards the heavens ~

All is not lost.

The children are back in school.

This means my older wee ones come back with all sorts of new things their friends shared with them on line.

So me and my wee ones lit some spooky candles. We made some healthy broccoli and potatoes from the garden, and went to ye olde computer.

The following is some of the twisted things we have been enjoying. You many end up getting far more twisted you tube stuff over the week. For it was far too much fun not to share.

Warning!!!!!!!!!!!! young sensitive children should not watch. Twisted children like my own, it is fine for.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Happy rainy days everyone!