Wednesday, 11 February 2009

videos from 1969

The real or fake moon landing

I didn't realize he did this so early.

Every child's sad song:

No the Beatles:


The Silver Fox said...

More videos. No wonder it took so long to load your page. I'm not upset or anything, but my PC isn't too pleased about this. ;-)

"The real or fake moon landing?"

Oh, no, you're not one of... those, are ya? ;-)

If you wanna talk about persistent rumors, ever see this?

And, last but not least, I love the Rutles!!!

Ishat's Fire and Ice said...

The whole Disney thing.

I remember that, people talking about it when I was younger, I don't think it is spread around the young like it used to be.

I am not one of those, I just remembered that from the REM song and the stuff about Andy Kaufman.

When I found the video I also found more ones about it being fake.

I remember when moon rocks were sent to schools in cases when I was very young.