Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dance to the tune of ecconomic decline

Brake from the 60's and on to the realities of today.

I realized there are no good songs about economic hard times like the ones I grew up with.

Since there are not, I am putting up some of my favourites for your enjoyment.

If we can't spend money lets dance instead.

Hey, you in the corner, stop all the rompty pomty, why know it's bad, but you are causing a baby boom. Look around people, there are pregnant women EVERYWHERE!

Drink and dance instead!

So let's say 'To Hell With Poverty' and get drunk on cheap wine!

This is where the title of the post came from: BAD Bottom Line. Anyone remember the band after the Clash?

Now hopefully we all don't get to this point.

The Smiths, hand it over:

And for those who remember that history repeats it's self. There are so many factors right now that gave birth to the hippies, the punks, and gerneral ANARCHY:

Old school I could not pass up.

Since most of these were from the Brits, I wanted to add an American from the 80's.

The begining, the true gheto, who gave us The Message:

'Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge and I'm trying to keep my head."

Grandmaster Flash, when rap was real.

It's like a jungle sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under.

I am sure a the majority of people in America are saying these words now.

I better stop now and go to sleep.


jess said...

i miss the old days of music,... music today.. is like they would sign anyone bye jess

Ishat's Fire and Ice said...

Most of the stuff I put up was not the popular music of the day.

The tops of the pops really stands the tests of time.

There are some groups making good music, but you have to listen to college radio to find them. Just like I did in the 1980's.

Nice to see you Jesse!