Sunday, 28 December 2008

Winter in New England

W: Wonder

I: Ice

N: Never never land or Narnia
T: trees

E: electric, or lack of.
R: refrigerate

Some photos from around my town the morning after the ice storm. I stayed away from the downed wires and poles. The roads were not icy but for where the trees fell.
This is my ode to winter in New England, even if it came 9-10 days early.


Sparkle Plenty said...


My fingers are crossed, crossed CROSSED that you did not lose power.

Ishat's Fire and Ice said...


Your back!

Back many post ago, I explained lost power for a week, spent time in the town's shelter and a tree fell through the mini van. Crash... gone.

My New Years present is a new van.

We walked around and took photos before we packed it up.

We meet many great people and had a mighty adventure.

I am tossed up, I want solar panels, too expensive or a generator and a tree proof van. HA HA

In the mists of all the videos is a Christmas story, I hope you will enjoy.

Sparkle Plenty said...

ISHAT'S FIRE! HOLY SHIT! I had no idea. I'll read back to see about the lost power. I love how you and your family could view it as an adventure. Attitude is all. Could you bring your dog with you to the shelter?!

Okay: The expense of solar stuff is still ridiculous. Why is it that the government can get its shit together to move us all to digital television but can't get its shit together to get solar panels widely and cheaply available? (Yep, it's a rhetorical question--the answer is obvious--but it still frustrates me.) Come to think of it, my landlord has a small solar outfit that he takes camping. He said it wasn't too expensive. I wonder if something like that could work for you? Also, I think I saw generators for $300 at Home Depot or a local hardware store, which isn't cheap but...
(Sorry to drone on--I've started to take these "back-up storm plans" very seriously. Since the summer's power outage/hurricane I now have lots of bottled water, a campstove, crank flashlights and radio, etc. None of which would help me if I was stuck for a week without power!)

Anyway, glad you're all safe and warm now.


Ishat's Fire and Ice said...

I am so with you!

We are o.k.

It seems like years ago now.

I will invest on some kind of storm survival unit eventually.

My machete came in handy that day to cut up the tree that killed my Van. The boys had hatches... we took our revenges! HAHAHA

I did think of you while doing it. Your story of the tree after the big storm in summer.

David'Z RantZ said...

Whoa! How did I miss this one? (It must have been one of those days when the page was taking forever to come up -- all these sidebar widgets and YouTube videos that we ALL (me too) tend to use does that, especially when we have our blogs set to show the last 47 posts! -- so I just said "F**k it, I need sleep!")

ANYWAY... These shots are all really good, but several of them are downright incredible! I mean, cover-of-a-jigsaw-puzzle-box kinda incredible. Some are so dreary (in terms of the wintery-weather look) it's hard to believe that they're color shots. That one of the split tree, for instance! The color just stabs out at you.

Cool stuff!

(By the way, that woman that you remind me of is an excellent photographer, too... )

Ishat's Fire and Ice said...

Thank you, David.

Funny what you can do with your wee ones cameras.

I credit Mother Nature an her glory for the photos. I wanted some pics of something other than down telphone poles.

This woman, she must have been an interesting woman. HA HA HA.

A little vanity on my part. I hope it was all the best parts of her that I remind you of.

You have been mentioning her a lot to me lately.

I am not sure how to take it.

I will take it that I remind you of the best of her and you might be waxing nostalgic. All the writing of your past you must have come across her in you trips down memory lane.

I try not to ask too much, I know you are private. Do not take me glossing over her as not interested, instead just giving you your space.

If you wanted to tell me more you would have.